Frequently Asked Questions

What's the weight of the gold item?

The weight of the gold item is indicated in the product listing. 

What's the dimension of the gold item?

The dimension of the gold item is indicated in the product listing and is measured on an estimated and best effort basis, in order for you to visualize the size of the items. You may also opt to drop by our retail store to have a look at the items in-person.

Are the items brand-new or pre-loved?

All branded/designer jewellery are pre-loved. We have no association and/or affiliation with the brands whose products are offered for sales here. As for unbranded fine jewellery, unless otherwise stated, they are pre-loved as well.  

Do you provide alteration services?

We do not provide alteration service to branded jewellery. For unbranded fine jewellery, depending on the designs of the rings and its original size, we are able to provide alteration service at a charge.

Does the pre-loved branded jewellery come with the original certificate, box or dustbag?

You can find the details in the product listing, under specification/description. Should there be a box or an original certificate that comes alongside the branded jewellery, the conditions of the box and/ or original certificate will be on a 'as-is' basis.

Are all your jewellery in good condition?

All our jewellery have undergone professional cleaning process to ensure they are in its best possible state before they're displayed in our store. 

What is your trade-in Policy?

Trade-in policy applies to all purchases (online and offline) from us within one year from the date of purchase. To qualify for the Trade-in, the item(s) must be in its original specification in order to qualify for its trade-in value. The criterias for trade-in are as follow:

1. Purchased items should be in its original conditions and unaltered.

2. Original receipt must be produced 

3. All certificate and boxes that come with it as reflected in the original receipt should be in-tact.

Have any other questions? Reach out to us here