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A Birth Of The New Colour 2022

This new year, we witnessed the birth of a new colour - “Very Peri”. From the blue family, with red as an undertone, it symbolizes a year of “carefree confidence” and a “daring curiosity” which is adept in this transformative time. As the birth of PANTONE 17-3938 gives us a courageous start to the new year, have you picked your colour of the year?


Amethyst is the embodiment of strength and courage that perks you up with daily gentle hints to remind you of your resilience. With its hue and shades of purple, it is a fine balancing act of strength and peace. Make Amethyst your colour for 2022, as you bravely take on another year. 

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Dive into the deep blue sanctuary with Sapphire that is charming and fit for royalty. One of the most-beloved colour that is sense-pleasing, ring in your new year with calmness and sophistication. 

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Embark on your new year with zest, energy and optimism. Made up of a happy iridescence of yellow and orange, show off your happiness and readiness to take on the new year. It is a perfect colour to start your new year fresh.

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Explore the beauty of one of the crowd-pleasers, Ruby. With the colours of red and pink, it exudes the feminine elegance and vigor, dedicatedly weaved into one. Show your readiness with Ruby as you plunge into the alluring world of possibilities this new year. 

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An epitome of rebirth and energy is the best way into the new year. With the natural colours of green, it brings tranquility, coupled with vivid illustration of willingness to discover. Glisten your new year with Emerald and get ready for a new adventure. 

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Discover and wear your colours this year with Gold Hub Jewellery. Keep your eyes on new additions of jewellery on our social media platforms or visit our store to view and experience your desired collection.

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