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Top Jewelry Picks To Complement Your Personality

(Functional fashion statement and big no-nos at workplace you should consider)

If picking your clothes is one of your highlights of preparing for your day (just like how coffee preps most of us), we are sure you would have embellished that outfit before heading out or to the office.

Here are the top jewelry picks that are role-fitting (no career limiting move we promise!) 

If you are the CREATOR... 

Push your boundaries not just at work but in your dressing. If you are a creator, someone who enjoys standing out and be the (positive) talk of the office, you got to go with attention grabbing jewelry pieces. 

PRO TIP: Balance your urge of going “over the top” while keeping your fashion statement “office-friendly”. 

RECOMMENDATION: Opt for bright coloured gemstones 

Of course you are born to stand out. Bright coloured and elegantly small gemstones instantly give a pop to your outfit and are suitable for a corporate setting. Choose iridescent gemstones for a versatile look and one that catches everyone’s attention subtly. Nothing speaks of your creativity than you carrying an ocean of hues. 

As creators, you work best with conventional juxtaposition. Combine gold, diamonds and colourful gemstones in a piece of signature jewelry to convey your adventurous personality. 

When feeling extra confident… 

Go with a colourful and printed outfit and top it off with your bright coloured gemstones. 

👉 Product Recommedations: 18k Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold, 18k Diamond and Gemstones ring in White Gold, 18k Emerald Diamond Ear Studs in Yellow Gold

If you are the GO(LD)-GETTER 

Yes, we get it - work lunch meetings, post-event drinks, TGIF ladies night, and the list continues… 

This is the moment when we really need a statement piece of jewelry that take us from morning to midnight.

PRO TIP: The GOLD comeback. 

There is nothing as timeless as a piece of gold jewelry that exudes confidence, elegance and sophistication. With thoughtful and exquisite curation and design, many gold pieces of jewelry have been injected with modernity, it is no wonder that it is an epitome of chic.  


Pick a piece of gold embellished with diamonds to show how effortlessly you can carry off gold and diamonds together. These classic gold pieces are a head-turner, a great piece of conversation-starter. 

When feeling extra confident…

Have we shared how much we love a black outfit (what else could have best bring you from desk to drinks?) with a diamond-studded gold piece of jewelry? This pairing is a fail-proof combo! and... You’re welcome! 

👉 Product Recommedations: 18k Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold, 18k Gold Chain in Yellow Gold , Gold Intan Ear Studs

If you are going for the PERFECT PITCH… 

It’s time to make the perfect pitch - you are set for the stage with your prospective client. Now you just need a show-stopper (other than your 5 star presentation of course) - your classic piece of jewelry.

PRO TIP: Size matters 

No, you do not need a ‘better half’ to get you your diamond ring.

Size could matter when picking a diamond ring. To make it suitable for a corporate setting, it is recommended you pick something that is not over-the-top which is nothing too big that is distracting. Round-cut diamonds are the go-to when you are in doubt, they are universally flattering regardless of the shape of your hands and length of your fingers. If you have a smaller palm or shorter fingers, opt for a smaller-sized diamond. 

RECOMMENDATION: All-time favourite classic diamond ring 

Sometimes you just need a ‘best friend’ and ‘comrade’ to knock the presentation out of the park and there is no no one else than a woman’s best friend - diamond. 

Although the types of diamonds (and its 4Cs) matter greatly, a timeless diamond ring can instantly add confidence and sophistication. 

If your outfit is taking the show, here is how you can complement with MINIMALIST accessories 

We love an eye-catching outfit, with big bubble sleeves or a printed dress, but this does not    mean there is no room for your accessories. In fact, show off how thoughtful you are with minimalist accessories. Nothing wins a carefully engineered ensemble. 

💁‍♀️PRO TIP: Unleash your creativity with minimalist accessories by stacking them (if your outfit allows). It’s important to keep to thin bands just in case heavier bands (or bangles) so you do not set off a chiming orchestra in office unknowingly. 

RECOMMENDATION: Back-to-basic accessories 

Stack your plain thin bands of different metal types together to show off the clash of colors and lines. Keep each band with just a single and simple gemstone of diamond. 

👉 Product Recommedation: 18k Diamond Bangle in Yellow Gold

If you are always ON-THE-GO

Are you the lucky few who does not get bounded to a desk from 9 to 5? Even if you are on the road or hitting the streets most of your work time, do not discount the power of jewelry and accessories. 

💁‍♀️PRO TIP: A piece of jewlery should accentuate your outfit and day, not burdensome that you have to be constantly worried if it will be tarnished as you go about in your day. Always opt for a light-weight but sturdy piece of jewelry. 

RECOMMENDATION: Rings in pave or flushed setting 

Have your precious stones or diamonds set into your rings, so you do not face any episodes of them getting snagged on your clothes or stucked in your bag. Pave setting helps to make your rings look sparkly, even without the high-setting where the diamond or gemstones sit on top of your ring. 

A perfect way to stay elegant while functional. 

Another alternative is having your rings in a flushed setting.
This allows the stone to sit and align with your band so it does not protrude out of your ring. It also means that you are using your band as a “protector” of your stone while staying practical. This is what you call killing 2 birds with a stone! 

👉 Product recommendation: 18k Diamond Ring in White Gold

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